On-Site Testing

At ABW Compliance, all our collectors are DOT drug screening certified. This enables us to bring our services right to your doorstep professionally and reliably.

We also keep current on all compliance updates when it comes to workplace testing technology to provide the optimum services you need for your Drug-Free workplace program.

All of our collectors are equipped with PPE, such as gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizer to maintain a safe work environment while conducting any screening test. In addition, our specialists have undergone training as it pertains to physical distancing, proper cleaning of equipment, and shared surfaces—best practice protocols to maintain a drug-free workplace program.

DOT Regulated Drug Testing (Lab-Based Screening):

Since our mandated workplace lab-based testing is available on-site, we ensure our experienced team of specialists are always up to date with regulations and protocols. Upon completion of our workplace program audits, we also have the ability to provide both traditional paper forms or electronic forms (eCCFs).

Alcohol Screening by a certified BAT:

To ensure our tests conducted are accurate and reliable, our team uses only the top of the line Lifeloc® Phoenix 6.0 breathalyzer devices.

We have established protocols in place for cleaning devices and maintaining a safe distance during testing. Alternative saliva testing may also be available upon request.

Non-DOT Drug Testing (Lab-Based Screening):

Upholding the same professionalism and procedures as in DOT testing, our team will treat your company testing program with the same professionalism and integrity.

Non-DOT Drug Testing (Instant Screening):

The optimal choice for quick screening results. We can test an individual in minutes at the worksite with a negative test result. Positive results will be flagged and sent to the lab for confirmation.

Non-DOT Drug Testing (Oral Swab Screening):

Quick and reliable, oral swab testing is less invasive than urine screening and much harder to adulterate. Still, as a lab-based option, oral swabs are a great way to conduct high volumes of pre-employment testing or to obtain a sample after an accident.

Non-DOT Drug Testing (Hair Testing; Lab-Based Screening):

Hair testing is extremely reliable for pre-employment testing. This method can provide readings from as far back as 6 months from the date of screening and provides a more complete picture of substance use.   Similar to oral swab testing, it is difficult to adulterate.

eCCF Processing through FormFox®:

While many companies still rely on paper forms for testing, the trend is to migrate to electronic forms or eCCFs. Our ABW Compliance team have been trained, and are equipped with the proper tools to conduct testing using the FormFox platform. This will ensure error-free, easy to read paperwork that is instantly delivered to the medical review officer for processing. ABW Compliance also offers eCCFs at no additional charge.

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